• 2023-09-04

Dosa for Every Mood.

Alexa, Play ‘Dosai ஆசை Yaarai Vitadhoo!” 

Who doesn’t love a Moru Moru Dosa which is served with some piping hot sambar & chutney! 

Hey! We see you mouth-watering already as we talk about this ocean of delicious flavours!

Dosa, an all-rounder in the world of Indian saapaadu, is loved by millions of food lovers worldwide. Dosas are your best friends whether you're feeling exhausted, nostalgic, curious, nervous, or simply hungry! 

In this interactive blog, let’s look at the different dosas of Namma Geetham that have won several hearts all the way. Gear up for a dosa-licious trip! 

1. The Moru Moru Classic: 

Here’s the all-time favourite! This Crispy Dosa’s thin, golden-brown layer with a tint of soft, savoury centre makes it the most desirable for days when you want a simple, yet comforting meal. Served with piping hot sambar, coconut chutney, & a lot of love will leave you admiring every bite for a lifetime! 

2. The Mysore Masala Magic :

Exhausted with work? Take a short break & hop into our flavorful delight - The Mysore Masala Dosa! This appetizing variety transforms the plain dosa by enhancing it with bags of irresistible flavours. With its rich aroma, crunchy veggies, & mouth-watering taste, feel a comforting warmth with every bite!

3. Wrapped With Paneer & Paasam:

Hello spice-lovers! Turn your day more exciting with our tempting Paneer Dosa! This is nothing but a flavour-filled feast for your taste buds to feel like a majesty! It has been winning a lot of hearts as we roll it with savoury potato filling, garnishing with zesty tomato & coconut chutneys. This bold, spicy, & irresistible delicacy will leave you craving for more! 

4. Sizzling Podi Dosa:

How about a super-crispy dosa rolled with some fiercely tasty podi to make your palate dance with joy?  With its pleasing taste & a neat drizzle of spices, get ready to indulge in some heavenly bites that lifts your spirits with enormous positivity! 

5. The Ravishing Rava Delight:

Craving something tasty but also healthy? Give no second thought to our ravishing range of Rava Dosas. They are made with nutritious flour, crunchy veggies, & loads of love! 

Also, who said dosas are always spicy? Here, we’re breaking this myth for all the sweet tooth with our range of sweet rava dosas namely cashew rava dosa, dry fruits rava dosa, etc. For a nice dessert-like experience, we serve it with a dollop of ghee!  

From rava dosas with mellow spiciness to ones with calming sweetness, we’ve got it all sorted for you! Now, enjoy a plate that soothes your body & soul! 

Dosas can make you smile no matter how you're feeling. That’s what makes them super- special. There's a dosa for every mood! From the classic crispy dosa to the spicy masala dosa, the sizzling podi dosa, to the heavenly sweetness of the rava dosa. 

Now, you know the one-stop solution for all your cravings - Namma Geetham’s wide range of Delectable Dosas which are simple yet soul-satisfying! Happy Dosa-ing Makkale! 

Dosa for Every Mood.

Alexa, Play ‘Dosai ஆசை Yaarai Vitadhoo!” Who doesn’t love a Moru Moru Dosa which is served with some piping hot sambar & chutney!

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I am an ardent admirer of South Indian cuisine, and the cuisine’s simplicity and wholesomeness resonate with me deeply.

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