• 2023-09-04

Say Cheeseeee

Are you a cheese lover looking for some amazing vegetarian starters to thrill your taste


Look no further than Namma Geetham’s cheese-infused starters!

These three dishes are the perfect cheesy start to your meal and will definitely make you go

weak in the knees!

Let's start with Dragon Roll. This delectable dish features cheese-stuffed veggies in rolled

flour and fried to perfection. The result? A crispy, crunchy exterior with a warm and tacky

cheese filling. The combination of cheese and fresh vegetables is simply divine, and the

Dragon Roll is sure to be a hit with anyone who loves the bold flavours of cheese and spice.

Next up is Cheese Kurkure, a dish that will have you coming back for more. This is a

classic spring roll with a twist - it's loaded with lots of cheese! The filling is a heavenly blend

of cheese and spices, and when it's wrapped up in a crispy shell, it's pure magic. Dip it in the

tangy tomato chutney or the spicy mint chutney and enjoy the burst of flavour with every bite.

Last but certainly not least is Chilli Cheese Corn, a dish that's perfect for your love for spice

and Indo-Chinese. The corn is cooked in a Chinese Sauce base with cheese cubes, making it a spicy and savoury treat that's hard to resist. The cheese perfectly compliments the heat of the chilli, making this dish a well-balanced and delicious appetizer.

At Namma Geetham, we're passionate about creating vegetarian dishes that are full of

flavour and variety. Our cheese-infused starters are just the beginning - we have a wide

range of vegetarian dishes that will satisfy any palate.

Some of our new additions to the cheese family are our Stuffed Mushroom and Rangoli Cheese Paneer. Try them and let us know your thoughts. So, try our delicious cheese-infused starters and we guarantee you big smiles.

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I am an ardent admirer of South Indian cuisine, and the cuisine’s simplicity and wholesomeness resonate with me deeply.

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