• 2023-09-04

Reasons to fall in love with Geetham’s Mini Tiffin

Let the songs of melodious Suprabatham, the rustle of the crisp morning Newspaper, and the drive of an exhilarating walking session lead you to the closest Geetham in Chennai for a warm and wholesome Mini Tiffin.

There might be numerous reasons for the people to love Namma Geetham’s delicacies,

but we have 3 amazing reasons to fall in love with our Mini Tiffin. 

First, the Variety!

Geetham’s Mini Tiffin is a true representation of the best of South Indian cuisine. It

features a variety of dishes that are popular across the region, each prepared with authentic

and high-quality ingredients. Our Idly with Sambar, Vadai, Pongal, Masala Dosai, Kesari, and

coffee are all prepared in the traditional way, ensuring that they are packed with flavours and


Second, The Quantity!

Whether you prefer something savoury or sweet, light or heavy, our Mini Tiffin has something satisfying and wholesome for everyone. The Sambar Idly, Vadai, Pongal and Masala Dosai are filling and delicious, while the Kesari offers a sweet and satisfying end to the meal. And of course, no South Indian breakfast is complete without a strong cup of coffee.

Finally, The Quick Service!

As mini tiffin is a huge hit amongst our morning customers, we always ensure the service is quick and uninterrupted. 

Brownie points for mini tiffin as it is also excellent value for money. Geetham is very proud to serve this classic breakfast spread and invite have a bite, making your mornings extra special. 

Dosa for Every Mood.

Alexa, Play ‘Dosai ஆசை Yaarai Vitadhoo!” Who doesn’t love a Moru Moru Dosa which is served with some piping hot sambar & chutney!

My Geetham Experience

I am an ardent admirer of South Indian cuisine, and the cuisine’s simplicity and wholesomeness resonate with me deeply.

The Sambar Saga.

South Indian cuisine is renowned for its flavors, fragrant spices, and deep-rooted culinary traditions,