• 2023-09-04

The Filter Coffee’s POV

I am more than just a drink! I am a part of people's daily routine, a symbol of South Indian


I am more than just a drink. I am a catalyst for social interactions. I make Tiffin time extra

exciting. I make conversations furthermore interesting. I make late-night chats not so dull. I

make the perfect pair for your bonda or bajji. I make morning blues disappear without a


I am more than just a drink. I am a sweet addiction, not just due to my caffeine content but

also because of the memories and experiences associated with me. For many, the smell of

me brewing brings back fond memories of childhood, family gatherings, and lazy Sunday


I am more than just a drink. I am a bonding experience that brings families together. I am a

tradition that is passed down from generation to generation. I am a symbol of love,

hospitality, and warmth. I am something that is shared with friends, family, and even


I am a source of comfort and rejuvenation for those who seek!

After all, Who am I?

I am more than just a drink. I am an emotion!

Yours refreshingly,

Filter Coffee

Dosa for Every Mood.

Alexa, Play ‘Dosai ஆசை Yaarai Vitadhoo!” Who doesn’t love a Moru Moru Dosa which is served with some piping hot sambar & chutney!

My Geetham Experience

I am an ardent admirer of South Indian cuisine, and the cuisine’s simplicity and wholesomeness resonate with me deeply.

The Sambar Saga.

South Indian cuisine is renowned for its flavors, fragrant spices, and deep-rooted culinary traditions,